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My life, uncensored, unwritten, and undeniably, amazing :)
Okay :)
Last-minute-completely-unplanned-road-trip went really well.
the drive is WAY too long just to stay over night, and I would've liked to have stayed another day or so.
Maybe next time though.

I've been invited (of course) to come back during the summer and stay a week or so.
I really really want to.
I want my best friend to come with me :D
i kept teasing him saying oh i'm four miles from the georgia border who's jealous now :D
y'know that stuff.

Let's start from the beginning shall we?

I uh, woke up!!
yeah and i hear my mom yelling
"Brittney Nicole get some clothes on and be in the car in half an hour!!!"
of course i didn't make it in half an hour :D
I kept bugging her like where are we going where are we going
so she finally said "We're going to see aunt Jan and uncle Chuck are you happy now!?"
Yes, yes i fucking was :D
soooo after going to the store, and the bank, and my grandmother's house to pick her up, off we were on the seven hour drive
from Southwest Florida to the panhandle. Madison, to be exact.
During the long seven hours we encountered some pretty interesting car crashes.
Numero Uno
Car flipped and crushed another car under it. the baby was fine :)
Car flipped across four lanes of I-10.
Numbers three, four and five aren't too exciting..
So anyways we got there at about...four thirty or something.
it was already so cold up there, we had a bonfire waiting for us.
The yard is huge, literally.
it's amazing.
the house is so small compared to the land, but on the inside it's so big and pretty.
they live in a fucking hick town, (which, i can't really say anything cause i like it out there and now my accent's gonna be horribly heavy for the next week)
it's so deserted and stuff.
anyways. their driveway is downhill, and to prove just how 'downhill' it was, my uncle had me drive the four wheeler up the hill, and take the keys out and let it go.
I did, and we almost hit the house we were going so fast down that hill :rofl:
I fed their catfish!!!
they have two huge ponds full of catfish, and those suckers are huge ass fish.
i took handfulls of fish pellets (which, look like dog food) and went right in the water and they ate out of my hands.
their whiskers tickle :D
I got to see deer :D
they have deer all in their yard and you can hand feed them corn cobs :D
I got to see my babies again!
Their puppies aren't puppies no more :(
Mick's that silly little poodle, he's not mean anymore!
Uhhhhh, oh!
They got a Jack Russell, name's Bandit.
he's a squirrel chaser :D it's so fun to watch him go after them.
Chloe's my baby girl.
she's so thin now it's so sad.
She don't got many more miles on her i know that much.
She's the pitbull who pretty much saved my life :D
no lie :D
anyways. she's still such a sweetheart, she ran up to me when i first got there and knocked me on my ass the little thing did. :lmao:
Well after it got dark, everyone started showing up.
Everybody went hunting earlier that day.
nobody got nothing, which was a bit depressing.
But kinda good anyways cause i've only been hunting once and i can't stomach it.
But the house, oh god, no vegetarian, or faint hearted should go in that house :D
nor the garage..
the garage has seven bucks and does mounted on the main wall facing the outside.
The house itself has three bucks in the kitchen, two huge ass turkeys in the kitchen and four does in the living room along with some antelope type gazelle thing in the living room.
Everybody ate and talked and blah and then went home.
I went to bed at eleven thirty cause i was tired, and that bed felt so good.
my momma had to sleep on the couch, which wasn't at all uncomfortable.
their couch is just..i swear it's better than a bed.
it's fluffy and pillowish and stuff :D
{This is what happens when your relatives are fucking millionaires who haven't anything to do with their money but buy houses all over the country and hunt every damn day of their lives and get fancy couches and have five guest rooms that make my bedroom look small, which that in itself isn't possible}
I woke up quite early, i went with my uncle to get Hardee's for breakfast, but Hardee's don't open at six thirty, so we had to drive all the way to Valdosta Georgia to go to Bojangles to get food (which isn't a long trip since we're four miles from Georgia's border anyhow) maybe an hour trip if traffic's gross.
we came back and nobody but my momma and my gramma are up so we all sit outside, i go feed the catfish and freeze my legs off since it was cold and my legs were wet from the lake.
I changed my jeans and i came back and ate and whatever, watched Bandit chase squirrels
i went upstairs to my aunt's scrapbooking room, which really isn't a room it's a whole upstairs portion of the garage. it's so cold up there and it's so packed with stuff. she has a working scrapbooking business :rofl: people just come and go and make whatever they want, pay her for her material and go :D that was cool, she has so much stuff.
pretty blah morning, but it's quite calming and relaxing. Especially having no service or internet up there, it's very relaxing for me because when i have to worry about everyone and their lives that's when my panic attacks get fucking bad.
but up there i didn't have a one. not even the onset of one. i was free. :D
it felt great.
but when i had people to talk to, it was nice too cause i was really quite lonely up there :D
lonely, but calm, and nice :D
i had to walk a mile in the dark and cold just to get service to send anybody anything or get on the internet on my phone, which alone with perfect connection takes twenty minutes.
we left at around nine thirty this morning and just got home at four.
i'm so tired, and so sore.
i just want to lay in bed with heat on my back and that's what i'm going to do.
School may or may not be hell tomorrow depending on how my post-amazing-concert-and-weekend-road-trip-depression is, and how my other problem is :D


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